Technology and science in the service of our natural balance and wellbeing.


Hands young teenagers holding SelfCare1 container.


Staying well begins with good prevention. Family Self Care has taken on the challenge by developing a technological solution to improve and facilitate this daily wellness balance. Because good health is a right for all of us.



Well-being is maintained on a daily basis. Mental and physical wellness are strongly linked.
We want to benefit from the elements that nature offers us to maintain our well-being, our energy, and manage our emotions.


Family Self Care makes every effort to ensure that everyone has the necessary information to help them understand and better use the solutions we deliver. We put in all of our effort to reach a higher level of quality and safety for the greater good of our customers. This is why our priority has been to seek out and find the most committed partners to guarantee the traceability of our oils.


Family Self Care is committed to providing families, businesses and communities with the tools they need to facilitate access to natural well-being in the most secure and transparent way.

We remain loyal to those who have supported us from the start in this bold adventure.
Our commitment is to meet a crucial and growing expectation: to feel better every day.

Presentation of the SelfCare1 dispenser to the board during a meeting

Brigitte Thito, Founder & CEO of Family Self Care