SelfCare1®, your everyday wellness booster

Mar 13, 2020 | Edito

Be the first to try SelfCare1®, your everyday wellness booster. Family Self Care is proud to launch its crowdfunding campaign, to finally allow the production of the inaugural version of our product, SelfCare1®. 

The world’s 1st instant, personalized essential oil dispenser. The, SelfCare1® system includes the SelfCare1connect app & a long duration cartridge lasting up to 800 uses.


Where can I order it? 


Indiegogo.com has been around for years! Helping to shed light on disruptive, revolutionary products. Allowing small companies with BIG ideas like ours, to launch our product into the marketplace. After only a few days in crowdfunding, SelfCare1® has already been recognized as one of Indiegogo team favorites. When we decided to use a platform, we wanted to make sure that our insiders had a known website to safely place their order for SelfCare1®.


Are you hosting a crowdfunding campaign?

We are allowing users to place an order for SelfCare1®: the dispenser, the app, and the long duration cartridge. IndieGoGo.com keeps backers’ funds until then end of the campaign when we go into manufacturing. It also enables Family Self Care to regularly post updates, communicate and answer questions, while also helping us go into production.


Do you have a refund policy?

Yes! Family Self Care is confident you will love our product! However, we offer a 1-year warranty policy. Money-Back guarantee. (pending language advice from our legal team)


What is your campaign status?

Family Self Care has already succeeded, SelfCare1® is the only innovation of its kind, facilitating the use of an all-natural product. 

Our campaign also surpassed a threshold on Indiegogo.com, earning over 30% of our goal in less than 48 hours! We can’t wait to get into manufacturing and launch a unique product exclusively for you!

Our campaign goal is to fund the inaugural series of the SelfCare1® system and get early adopters. Early adopters can bring wellness into their homes with a revolutionary product and provide feedback for Family Self Care’s connected device. SelfCare1’s first adopters receive their countertop device first, at a discounted rate with a money back GUARANTEE. 


What are first adopters?

First adopters are the exclusive group of Insider’s that have been following and waiting to welcome SelfCare1® as their health partner to share with their loved ones. Even if you are a new Insider, you can be one of the first adapters too.

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