Our Vision: Accessible Healthcare

— Brigitte Thito

Founder & CEO


Our vision

Our Vision: Accessible Healthcare for all

For more than 20 years, Brigitte Thito has been a ‘researcher’ in the universe of healthcare. Not in the first sense of the term: she did not spend her time in laboratories. She rather focused on understanding and serving the health needs of families working in major pharmaceutical groups.

Our vision is to provide natural solutions globally. But how can we provide accessible healthcare? What are the effective molecules which avoid side effects? Can we find more custom-made and accessible healthcare solutions, which also relieve the budget of families? Can we think of prevention first and foremost rather than treatment?

By exploring all these issues, Brigitte has created Selfcare1®, the first connected, intelligent dispenser of essential oils to allow effective, simple and natural treatment, and our vision is to provide accessible healthcare for everyone using this system.

She wanted to combine the power of nature and technology to anchor new health habits more respectful of our body and our lives, as well as supply accessible healthcare for everyone around the world. Surrounded today by a team who is passionate about establishing a new health model and are united in our vision, Brigitte continues to seek all natural solutions. Why don’t you join them?

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