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Boosting your immune defenses on a daily basis is essential, especially in this period with the health crisis we are going through… Essential oils can be a preventive tool!

Here are our tips for strengthening your natural defenses on a daily basis:
  • Get enough sleep; at least 7 to 8 hours.
  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Stock up on vitamins (vitamin C, D and E)
  • Eat foods rich in zinc, magnesium and iron
  • Choose antiviral and immunostimulating essential oils such as ravintsara, tea tree, thyme or radiated eucalyptus
  • Practice regular physical activity, without excess. If it's possible, you can also go out, walk 30 minutes while respecting social distancing.
In this period of confinement, you can use the SelfCare1®  application from your smartphone. A free and natural solution which allows you to safely use essential oils in the comfort of your home. It can be useful to you daily; for you and your loved ones!
Did you know that we offer a special program to boost your immunity?
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What is aromatherapy? What are its virtues? Aromatherapy, a medicine of the future?
Find the article written by
Dr S. Provenzano, a member of
our committee of experts!

Have you seen our new e-shop?
New design and new products available!

The SelfCare1® dispenser and its cartridge are now available for pre-order. Also look for our organic essential oil kit and the SelfCare1® container; all for sale on our site!
Discover the e-shop
You can also access the e-shop from the SelfCare1® app
by clicking on the menu, then “discover our oils”
How to access the calendar and provide feedback from the SelfCare1® app?
The calendar allows you to keep a history of your programs and to follow the evolution of your condition every day. Thanks to your feedback, we can improve the application and our programs. Your opinion is important to us!




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