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The new health partner of your daily life

Our busy lives can often be the very cause of our weakened immune system, mild or persistent pain, sleep disorders and fatigue, headaches or stomach problems. Instead of handling these concerns with unfamiliar chemicals, adopt a natural, at-home solution with SelfCare1®

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How are you feeling today? Having trouble sleeping? Does your spouse complain of stress? Our organic remedies can help! Simply choose the appropriate concern and your solution is instantly combined and dispensed to be swallowed, inhaled, or applied directly onto the skin.

les thèmes santé

Skin: spots and blemishes, itching skin, skin burns

Sores: back, head legs

ENT: flu prevention, cold, cough

Digestion: belly, hiccup, motion sickness, nausea

Muscles and joints: sores, inflammation

Wellness and vitality: focus, sleep, stress, immune defences boost

Your SelfCare1® dispenser cartridge contains the main essentials and vegetable oils to cover a wide spectrum of applications. SelfCare1® will deliver a personalized formulation and dose in line with your profile to perfectly suit your needs.

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The app that takes care of you

Our application allows you to choose and customize your programs to fit your needs. It reminds you of your usage history. You can count on its reminder feature, to alert you to take your daily dose. And if you have questions about the therapeutic properties of essential oils, SelfCare1® is able to answer them.

Introducing the SelfCare1® dosage system, a one-of-kind smart dispenser that precisely combines personalized essential oil blends for you. The dispenser works seamlessly with our app to provide you with a unique essential oil blend to treat over 40 different preventative and wellness concerns. With SelfCare1®, you can finally take control of your wellbeing in the comfort of your home.