SelfCare1®: natural well-being
Simple, secure and fast

1. Download the SelfCare1® app on the Apple Store and Google Play Store; and create your profile (or that of your children) in 2 minutes.

User holding the SelfCare1 application.

2. Insert the prefilled essential oils cartridge in the SelfCare1® dispenser (only once upon first use).

If you do not have the dispenser and its cartridge, you can use the essential oils offered in our kit.

SelfCare1 dispenser in a zen atmosphere seen from above corner.

3. Determine your needs by following the directions and then select the proposed formula and how to use it.

Smartphone showing the SelfCare1 app in a background of green plants.


4. The SelfCare1® dispenser instantly delivers, like a coffee machine, a precise single – dose combination of selected essential oils.

Hands young teenagers holding SelfCare1 container.
SelfCare1 dispenser with its container and the SelfCare1 application.

SelfCare1® is not a diffuser.

An app enabled dispenser, SelfCare1® offers optimized and personalized use of essential oils to manage your energies, emotions and overall wellness.

The best of aromatherapy:

– Personalized, multi-user / profile programs
– Programs for adults and children
– Physical, mental and emotional well-being
– Safety in the precise dosing of drops
– Multiple modes of application (topical application, inhalation, ingestion)
– Coaching
– Traceability of certified organic essential oils
– No handling of oils
– Takes into account contraindications
– Recalculates formulas based on oils available

SelfCare1 dispenser top view showing the cartridge in its drawer.

The long- lasting cartridge : up to 800 doses, for several users

Pre-filled and long-lasting, this cartridge is intelligent: the algorithm linked to the chip will determine the exact number of drops, the right combination of oils according to your needs, while avoiding waste. It offers various formulas taking into account your profile, the remaining oils and their properties. #recyclable #ecofriendly

Save money! With only 8 essential oils, more than 1,000 combinations are available for everyday ailments, for the whole family, all from home. Our oils have been selected by a scientific committee and sourced from the best organic suppliers from the south of France. You will find all the information on the origin of the oils in your application.

* Our essential oil selection may be subject to change based on new research and expert suggestions.

Bottles of essential oils and smartphone showing the SelfCare1 application and its natural defenses program.

The SelfCare1® application: Optimized use of essential oils

40 programs –
1000 personalized formulas  

8 essential oils selected by our scientific committee

Connected to the SelfCare1® dispenser, the application determines a custom blend, the mode of application, and provides usage tips. It also tells you when it’s time to take your dose.

You can also record improvements in your well-being and provide your feedback.

Discover your new wellness ally