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4. Get custom, personalized blends

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More than 7000 studies published on Pubmed

Why wouldn’t the power of essential oils be within the reach of all?

The therapeutic power of essential oils is now recognized by healthcare professionals and confirmed in clinical studies. Their anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties can help to strengthen our immune system, prevent and address daily health concerns with natural solutions. Choosing, measuring, and combining these essential oils can be complex. SelfCare1® chooses, measures, and combines them for you, ensuring their benefits are now within our reach, everyday.

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SelfCare1®, your daily source
of natural health

dosage précis

Precise dosage

Get the mix of oils and doses that best suit your needs for topical application, inhalation or ingestion.

suivi personnalisé

Personalized monitoring

You have a personalized profile with the history of all your intakes to allow you to track the improvement of your overall health.

Simple usage

Easy to use

Choose your profile and the health concern you want to prevent or address : SelfCare1® instantly dispenses the correct formula and instructs you how to use, swallow, inhale or apply on the skin.

experts validation

Validated by experts

Among about thirty covered pathologies and more than 50 combinations of possible oils, your dosage is customized and dispensed according to pharmacological recommendations.

selfcare 1

Les Essentielles, the resource of your SelfCare1®

Your SelfCare1® dispensers resource cartridge is long-lasting and delivers more than 50 combinations to inhale, swallow or apply on the skin. Its oils are organic and 100% pure, to guarantee their therapeutic virtues.

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The app that takes care of you

Our application allows you to choose and customize your programs to fit your needs. It reminds you of your usage history. You can count on its reminder feature, to alert you to take your daily dose. And if you have questions about the therapeutic properties of essential oils, SelfCare1® is able to answer them.


It is important to guarantee the correct usage of essential oils

— Marc Benouaiche

Pharmacist & Professor expert in aromatherapy at Paris Descartes Faculty


It's like having a fountain of youth at home

— Erika Haiste

Entrepreneur and big traveler


In any sporting practice essential oils are effective, that’s why I appreciate the Selfcare1® experience

— Bertrand Amoussou

Quadruple world champion Ju-Jitsu


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