The revolutionary
SelfCare1® system

Based on 3 years of intensive research, this all-in-one smart system delivers an unrivaled self-care experience with pure and natural beneficial oils for your beauty, wellness and vitality.

Discover the 50 programs crafted for you by our Scientific Committee. SelfCare1® device dispenses your personalized skincare serum or wellness elixir of beneficial oils instantly!

The Self-Care Fountain

This innovative technology
designed & assembled in France instantly dispenses the exact formula for the usages recommended by the SelfCare1® coaching App.

The Smart Cartridge

For optimum safety and quality, this sealed cartridge contains the best pure and organic 8 essential oils recommended by our international experts committee for family care.

The Coaching App

The mobile app connects to the dispenser and offers 50 different programs. A guide to a better you, so you can craft the wellness and beauty routines recommended exclusively for you.

Versatile and safe use for maximum efficiency

Each program precisely details the list of essential oils that are used in the formula, the number of drops, how to dilute some of them with vegetable oil and of course, how to use them, whether it is directly on your skin or by inhalation.

The coaching app will bring you to optimal use, one step at a time...

Everyday benefits

The unique design of the SelfCare1® is focused on delivering the safest and most efficient use of essential oils for many purposes.

Our mission is to provide easy access to a customized wellness routine to anybody at any time without the product overload.


Whether you prefer to use it pre or post-workout, relax your muscles with an essential oil massage using the SelfCare1®


A relaxing scalp massage is only a few moments away using the SelfCare1® hair vitality program


Overcome a stressful day by giving yourself a wellness break. Take your SelfCare1® oil container with you to the office and inhale the mix as often as you like


Our essential oils are 100% organic.
They have been carefully selected by our Experts Committee and supplied by PhytoFrance.


No more waste!
Thanks to the sealed cartridge, our oils have a longer duration.
And thanks to its algorithm, the
Selfcare1® can recombine formulas based on the remaining oils.


Formulas adapt to your profile.
Each user of the Selfcare1® can create its own profile taking into consideration potential known allergies, preferences...

They love us!

The SelfCare1®
is revolutionary

It's a beautiful device that will allow me to use essential oils in a healthy and guided way.

Jacques, age 32, Brussels

Very easy
to install and use

My wife tried the program for sleep and she slept like a baby. We are completely satisfied.

Wilfrid, age 36, Paris

The SelfCare1® has simplified my life!

It is practical, elegant and efficient.

Alex, age 26, New York City

Our new best friend

Quickly adopted by the whole family for its ease of use and all the possibilities it offers with only 8 essential oils! Amazing and very efficient!

Sam, age 37, New York City


Really practical, simple and fast. I simply have to enter my need in the app and I have my blend in a few seconds! There are many programs for everyone and for every day.

Luis, age 29, Los Angeles

The well-being revolution!

I've had the device for a few months now and it really changed the way I take care of myself!

Elisabeth, age 30, Paris